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Drone Camps

Drobots Drone Summer Residential Academy (Age 13-17)

Ages: Boys and Girls 13 to 17
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (M-F)
Dates: June 23 to June 28
Boarding Tuition: $1,579
Non-Boarding Tuition: $979

The Drobots Residential Academy is the only program of its kind offered during the summer. In a friendly, supportive, and positive learning environment, novice and experienced male and female students come together from around the country/world for a unique and focused week of drone and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) flying, learning, and experimenting. Drobots’ adult-led professional educators and instructors expose and introduce participants to the most recent and relevant drone technology from within the UAV sector. Students then focus their knowledge to better understand the real-life applicability of how drones are positively impacting some of the world’s biggest challenges within: agriculture, utilities, energy, media and entertainment, delivery services, the internet, real estate, mapping, search and rescue, construction and engineering, sports, business, insurance companies and more.

Throughout the week, students will progress through learning, flying, solving, and creating. Teamwork, terminology, and communication are key components as students learn:

- How to safely build, fly, fix, and control a drone
- Perform mock industry-related missions (i.e. search & rescue)
- Create their own drone-based business model or friendly solution
- Interact with socially responsible and creative experts within the drone industry
- Learn how to race, code, and navigate drones through obstacle course missions
- Perform and create aerial mapping and models
- Produce photo/video using drone aerial footage and so much more.

While on campus, students will live in McDonogh dorms. Home to McDonogh students during the school year, Rollins Hall and Jane Bay are comfortable, secure residence halls for campers during the summer.

Whether you have ever flown a drone/uav or not, join the thousands of past and present Drobots’ participants to jump start your future this summer in one of the fasted growing industries since the internet. Please feel free to check out our web site at www.drobotscompany.com.

Drone Superhero Missions (Age 7-10)

Ages: Boys and Girls 7 to 10
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (M-F)
Dates: July 8 to July 12
Tuition: $515

Superhero Missions is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts. Our instructors will open the creative minds of participants as campers attack and defend against Superheroes and Villains. Students will begin the week learning basic maneuvers before using their “Spidey-Sense” to conquer missions such as: Batman’s Drone-Mobile Escape, The Breakout of Iron Man and more. Participants will storyboard their own escape missions while other students attempt to outsmart them using the drone to locate and capture.

Drone safety and the social responsibilities of flying drones are included in this program. All campers go home with interactive workbooks and plenty of Drobots Company keepsakes and trinkets so the memories last long beyond the summer.

Drone Escape and Rescue (Ages 10-13)

Ages: Boys and Girls 10 to 13
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (M-F)
Dates: July 15 to July 19
Tuition: $515

Drone Search and Rescue is a necessity for first responders around the world, adding a new layer of solutions to save lives across the globe. Now campers to can take part in and learn from simulated missions during this action-packed, creative, and educational program. Participants will learn to fly drones and rely on their rescue team to collect vital data in specific “rescue areas” to locate “victims” and safely rescue them. We use age-appropriate and cutting-edge technology methods available for creating plans, missions, and maps.

Participants will also learn invaluable lessons on how to simply, quickly and accurately make informed and targeted suggestions for real-world positive applications.

Drones Racing and Obstacle Course Challenge (Age 10-13)

Ages: Boys and Girls 10 to 13
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (M-F)
Dates: July 22 to July 26
Tuition: $515

Drone Racing is filled with pure action as students enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Racing. Campers will first learn about the basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. From there, campers will progress through various skill challenges and learn how to perform various exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Flight squads post up against one another in friendly competition when they race themselves and the clock. Students first maneuver the drone through creative obstacle courses before taking on the challenge of flying for speed. Participants contribute fully in this program as they create the design and help build the the obstacle course in preparation for the last day’s final activities and competition.

All campers go home with interactive workbooks and plenty of Drobots Company keepsakes and trinkets so the memories last long beyond the summer. Drone safety and social responsibilities of flying are included in this program.

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