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The McDonogh Parents Association's role is to foster a trusting partnership between the parents and the school through communication, parent education, and community interaction. Our goal is to create a warm, welcoming and inclusive community for all McDonogh families.

The Parents Association supports the School's philosophy and embraces our diversity of background, culture and thought. In following John McDonogh's directive "to do the greatest amount of good" in our daily lives, we hope to make positive contributions, broaden parent understanding of the school, and serve the community through a variety of volunteer efforts.

Board of Directors 2021-2022


Omari Jackson, Sr. P ’30

Vice President
Jennifer McKinnell P ’21, ’24 

Kristin McCarthy P ’21, ’23 

Recording Secretary
Regan LaTesta P ’19, '22, ’26 

Corresponding Secretary
Helen Anderson P '17, ’22 

Immediate Past President
Liz Insley P '17, '19, ’22 

MPA Liaison
Kelly Blavatt,, (443) 544-7046

Division Chairs
Lower School Division Chair – Kathy Reider P ’31, ’33 
Lower School Assistant Division Chair – Lauren Wunderlich P'32 
Middle School Division Chair –  Brandi Rey P ’26, ’30 
Middle School Assistant Division Chair – Chioma Onwuanibe ’21, ’27
Upper School Division Chair – YuZon Wu P ’22, ’24 
Upper School Assistant Division Chair – Phoebe Cunningham P ’22 

Standing Committee Chairs
After Prom Committee Co-Chairs – Jen Busse P ’22Jenny McGee P ’22, ’24Joan Royals P '16, ’22
Community Engagement Chair – Nicole Keelty P ’26, ’28
Community Engagement Vice Chair - Michelyn Woelfel P ’27 
Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair - Kanika Jackson P ’30
Equity & Inclusion Committee Vice Chair – Angela Watkins P '31, '34
Fundraising Chair - Rebecca Fruman P ’26, ’29
Parent Education Chair – Randi Hertzberg P '14, '19, '20, ’26

Jassi Ahuja P ’23 
Ope Arowojolu P ’29, ’32 
Cristina Ginsberg P ’27, ’30 
Marci Gordon P ’28, ’31  
Merritt Miller P ’24, ’25
Iesha Moorehead P ’22 
Dan Povich P '34 
Cornell Smith P '27 



McDonogh has a long history of parent volunteerism. In 1923, when the school was 50 years old, parents founded “The Mother’s Club” primarily to raise money for school necessities. Dues were $1 a year. The group bought McDonogh its first school bus, in fact, in 1924.

The Mother’s Club became “The Patrons’ Club” in 1931, which was the same year the club’s first male president took office. The name “Patron” reflected the days when McDonogh enrolled orphans and half-orphans and sponsors paid for their education. McDonogh Patrons remained mostly a fundraising organization until recent years.

The word “Club” was dropped in 2004. After all, Patrons was not a club to which one could belong. Every parent of a McDonogh student was considered part of the Patrons group.

Since fundraising is no longer a primary goal, the mission statement has been revised to reflect that. At the same time, our board of directors voted to change our name to “The McDonogh Parents Association,” which we feel more accurately reflects our identity.

Our mission statement describes our desire to create a warm, friendly, and inclusive atmosphere within the McDonogh community. It also serves as a complement to the school’s mission statement, which includes the directive of school founder John McDonogh “to do the greatest possible amount of good.”

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2021-2022 Meeting Minutes

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