Greatest Good McDonogh - McDonogh School

Greatest Good McDonogh

McDonogh's Signature Social Impact Program

Greatest Good McDonogh teaches students from prekindergarten through twelfth grade best practices in service-learning, philanthropy, community engagement, and social innovation through integrated coursework and experiential learning.  

The program is designed to inspire students to find their purpose, grow their empathy, and realize their power and potential to do the greatest good in the world. 

Led by David Rothschild '82, the Rothschild Foundations—which are committed to advancing educational initiatives that inspire philanthropic and social engagement—catalyzed the launch of Greatest Good McDonogh with an endowed commitment and partnership support.


The outcomes of this work will inspire our community to shift the focus of our service efforts—from hours to outcomes, from one-way partnerships to reciprocal relationships, and from transactional to transformational.

Cultivate Purpose

By exploring identity, passions, and potential for impact 

Develop Empathy

By engaging in mutually respectful relationships which encourage perspective taking and an understanding of diverse cultures

Deepen Understanding of Systems

By studying the complex causes of local and global challenges

Build Advocacy Skills

By developing communication skills and empowering students to be courageous agents of change

Inspire Innovation

By researching and designing creative action plans

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