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The Transformative Impact of Scholarship at McDonogh

McDonogh was founded in 1873 as a farm school for poor boys, and all students received full financial support for nearly half a century. In 1922, the inclusion of full-pay students became essential for the School's sustainability. Despite this shift, the ethos of scholarship persisted, upheld by the generosity of donors—many of whom once benefited from scholarships themselves.

Today, the spirit of need-based scholarships remains a cornerstone of McDonogh School's mission. Evolving over the decades and officially named the Scholarship Program in the 1990s, the principle of 'giving something more than we take' remains deeply ingrained in our institutional culture.

Thanks to the unwavering support of numerous benefactors, countless deserving students have been afforded the opportunity to attend McDonogh. These students, whose lives have been positively transformed through scholarship funding, contribute significantly to the vibrancy of our diverse and talented community. 

In our commitment to expanding access to a McDonogh education through need-based scholarships, The Legacy Campaign prioritizes the growth of the endowment. By doing so, we aim to ensure that McDonogh's profound impact on the lives of students continues for generations to come.


Donors Making an Impact: Read Their Stories

Endowed Funds for Scholarship

McDonogh provides $6.4M+ per year in financial aid and scholarship. An endowment of $160M will fund this initiative in perpetuity.

  • Full Scholarship (Boarding): $800,000
  • Full Scholarship (Day): $600,000
  • Partial Scholarship: $100,000

Named Scholarship Funds

Named Scholarships
Adams-Rodgers Scholarship for Diversity in Lower School  
Alban Family Scholarship 
Albert Atwood Fund 
Albert F. Heck MD ’50 Scholarship 
Albertus E. and Ethel L. Myers Scholarship Fund  
Alec John Cosgarea ’13 Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Alexandra Apostolou ’01 “Raising Strong Women” Scholarship  
Alfred G. Neal Trust 
Armstrong Family Scholarship Fund 
Ascanio and Jean Boccuti Family Scholarship  
Baldwin Neale Boone Scholarship Fund  
Bavar Family Scholarship 
Bias Family Scholarship  
Bolduc Family Scholarship  
Brand Family Scholarship 
Bruce D. Voelker ’83 Scholarship  
Bruce Peddy Memorial 
C. E. Crowley Memorial Fund 
C. Markland Kelly, Jr. ’38 Scholarship 
C. Willis Ritter ’58 Scholars Fund  
Carolyn Rosenstein Scholarship  
Cecil Chavannes Scholarship Fund 
Charles Moran Memorial Scholarship Fund  
Christine N. Alexander Family Scholarship Fund  
Clarence E. Elderkin Scholarship 
Class of 1938 Scholarship Endowment  
Class of 1941 Scholarship Endowment  
Class of 1942 Scholarship Endowment  
Class of 1937 Scholarship 
Class of 1949 Endowed Scholarship  
Class of 1963 Scholarship 
Class of 1964 Scholarship  
Class of 1965 Scholarship  
Class of 1966 Scholarship  
Class of 1967 Scholarship  
Class of 1970 Scholarship  
Class of 1971 Scholarship  
Class of 1974 Scholarship 
Class of 1976 Howard S. Klein Scholarship 
Claude and Hedwig Koppisch Endowed Scholarship  
Colonna Family Scholarship 
Cowman Memorial Scholarship  
Dalsheimer Scholarship Fund  
Danielsen Fund 
Desmond Corcoran Scholarship 
Donald F. ’40 and Carolyn S. Obrecht Scholarship  
Edward Sudsburg 1912 Scholarship 
Eileen Flynn Toohey ’77 Scholarship  
Elsie Stewart Kerr Scholarship 
|Emilie Humbert Mules and William Curran Mules ’59 Scholarship  
Emma Krauss Scholarship 
Erwood Richardson Sparks and 
Clara Howard Keilholtz Sparks Memorial Fund 
F.C. Nelson ’40 Scholarship France-Merrick Scholarship 
G. M. Moore ’09 Estate Geist Family Scholarship 
George Gebelein ’60 Scholarship  
George H. Pappas ’37 Scholarship  
Grafton Lloyd Rogers Scholarship 
H. Beale & Mary E. Rollins Scholarship 
Hilda Lewis Roche and Norbert Roche ’31 Scholarship  
Howard and Julia Persky Scholarship 
Hudson Family Scholarship 
Hyman P. and J. Ruth Friedman Scholarship 
Irvin S. Naylor ’54 Family Athletic and Scholarship Fund 
J. Mortimer Joyce 1921 and John M. Joyce, Jr. ’61 Scholarship  
Jacob C. and Theodora N. Siegrist Scholarship Fund 
Jacob Gross, Jr. Scholarship  
James A. Lenfesty Scholarship 
James R. Haws ’60 and Catherine A. McCoy Scholarship  
Janet Mariani Herbert ’83 Scholarship 
Jeffrey M. Sanborn Scholarship  
Jodi Spear Memorial Scholarship  
Johannesen Fund 
John A. Finney Bequest 
John E. “Ted” Savage, Jr. ’57 Scholarship  
John Edward Bird Scholarship 
John McDonogh Fund  
John S. Mediary Fund 
John Sterling Price Scholarship  
John W. Sieverts ’63 Scholarship  
Jon Charles Sapp Scholarship Fund 
Joseph S. Keelty ’40 Middle Income Scholarship 
Joseph S. Keelty ’40 Scholarship 
Judy and James P. Grant III Scholarship Fund  
Kallins Family Scholarship 
Katherine and J. Sturgis Wells ’24 Scholarship  
Kirk Family Foundation Scholarship 
Knowles Family Scholarship  
Kolscher Scholarship 
Laszlo N. Tauber Family Scholarship  
Leah Watts Dawson Scholarship  
Louis ’29 and Marie Deise Scholarship  
Louis E. Lamborn Scholarship 
Lynn Ritter McKain Memorial Scholarship  
Marbury Councell Scholarship 
Margaret and Robert Briele and Jack C. Merriman ’40 Scholarship  
Margaret M. and Richard N. Wills Scholarship 
Margaret M. Callanan Scholarship 
Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Family Scholarship  
Martin Trust 
Mary Martin Kreiner and Pannill Martin Scholarship 
McDonogh Abroad Scholarship 
McDonogh Alumni Scholarship
McDonogh Foundations Program
Myerberg Scholarship 
Nancy A. and Raymond M. Faby ’49 Family Scholarship
Olivia D. Grant Scholarship 
Osborne Family Middle Income Scholarship
Oscar Ross Scholarship 
Pannill & Irene Martin Scholarship
Patricia A. and John T. Grega Scholarship 
Patricia C. and Francis S. Carnes ’54 Scholarship
Paul Hampshire Memorial Scholarship 
Reynolds Family Lower School Scholarship 
Richard S. Catterton ’63 and Betty Shipley Catterton Scholarship
Robert Cook Memorial Fund 
Robert Cummins Rogers, Sr. ’33 and Mary Childs Rogers Scholarship 
Robert E. Seigman ’64 Memorial Scholarship
Robert Eric Farmer ’81 Memorial Scholarship
Robert M. Harper Scholarship 
Rothschild Family Scholarship 
Ruth Flora and Charles Roland Meurer Scholarship
Samuel H. Wright ’64 Family Scholarship
Silberstein Family Scholarship 
T. Patrick Dulany ’75 Scholarship
Stacey Boyer ’76 Scholarship 
Theodore & Dolores Scocos Scholarship Fund Theresa Prell Dilworth Memorial Scholarship Thomas D. Thiermann Scholarship Fund 
Vicki ’99 and Jon ’04 Brick Scholarship 
W. R. McKeldin Estate 
Walter L. McManus, Jr. ’60 Family Scholarship
Warren Olt Scholarship 
Weikart Family Scholarship
Wilgis Family Scholarship 
William H. Emory and Martha B. Emory Scholarship
William Littell Hauver ’11 Scholarship 
Willis Langford Scholarship Fund