Academics - McDonogh School

lifeready learning

The academic program at McDonogh School is founded on the belief that all children want to learn. Our program seeks to develop each child's potential through authentic learning experiences that engage his or her sense of intellectual and emotional ownership. We empower students to be self-reliant, critical thinkers who can form, test, and revise their ideas.

The mission of our program is to prepare students to be "LifeReady," ensuring that they develop imaginative, curious, and analytical habits of mind in a rigorous academic setting. We prepare them to take risks in order to enter—and to better—the complex world in which they live. 

Through the close, compassionate relationships between students and teachers who celebrate and respond to each child's individual needs, McDonogh's program is dedicated to producing citizens who enter the world as resilient, lifelong learners of strong character.

What is LifeReady?

Embrace your sometimes onerous challenges and transform them into unexpected opportunities.

Laddie Levy, Upper School teacher, retired