Kiplinger Library - Upper School - McDonogh School

Kiplinger Library

A gift from the Kiplinger family, the library was first dedicated on May 8, 1990. The library was rededicated on the same day twenty-five years later, May 8, 2015, in loving memory of Todd L. Kiplinger '64, McDonogh Trustee from 1981-1989. See History, Dedications & Endowed Collections for additional information.

In the Kiplinger Library students find "joy in the discovery and realization of personal potential." Librarians collaborate with faculty to teach students to responsibly navigate ever-increasing stores of information while instilling the critical tools to enable them to discern the validity of the information they encounter.

The Upper School Research and Information Literacy curriculum builds upon knowledge learned in earlier years and provides students with valuable life-ready skills.