Advisory Program - Middle School - McDonogh School

Advisory Program

The Middle School Advisory Program promotes strong, mutually respectful relationships between students and teachers. Each middle schooler has a faculty advisor and is part of a small advisory group that meets every day. Advisors support their advisees in matters such as developing peer relationships, fostering a healthy sense of self, and exercising good judgment. As advocates and role models, the advisors provide careful guidance on a range of topics from academics to personal integrity and community involvement.

In addition to recreational and team-building activities, advisories have discussions about topics such as school awareness, self-assessment, self-management, interaction with others, and thoughtful decision-making. Current issues in the school, community, and world are also central to advisory conversations. These efforts create a warm and supportive environment that allows students, parents, teachers, and administrators to work together to help children fulfill their goals for self-discovery and personal growth.