Equity & Inclusion - About - McDonogh School

A School for Everyone

The concluding sentence of McDonogh School's mission statement reads, "Embracing diversity of background, culture, and thought, the school builds upon its founder's original mission to provide life-altering opportunities and to develop in students the will 'to do the greatest possible amount of good.'" In accordance with our LifeReady vision and mission, McDonogh promises to educate its students to succeed and lead as globallyand culturallycompetent individuals, thus students will emerge as people of character who are exceptional communicators and who honor diversity in all its forms.

We are dedicated to providing a learning environment that is based on mutual respect, understanding, and kindness. In so doing, we reflect our commitment to diversity to the world at large.

For me, the experience has changed the way I look at the world and has inspired me to work towards change and to make our community a safe and accepting place for all who are a part of it.

Ethan Cherry ’19

In the hopes of fostering cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation for affinity groups, McDonogh School encourages conversations about diversity, inclusion, and identity through the following Upper School student-led organizations:

Asian American Awareness

Club meetings consist of discussions of the conflicts and struggle Asian Americans face in modern day society, Asian culture is explored by eating various culture's food, celebrating holidays, and having a student represent an Asian country and lead a discussion and presentation on it. 

Chinese Culture Club

The goal of Chinese Culture Club is to educate the upper school of McDonogh about the culture of China in modern times and in Ancient China. We will explore many aspects of Chinese life and comparing the differences and similarities between today and the past’s styles. Learning about food, music, clothing, architecture, inventions, entertainment, religion and art, Chinese culture club will go in depth on the views of Chinese life and more importantly, why it became/is the way it is. This will happen through games, activities, presentations, and by trying to put ourselves in a Chinese citizens shoes. If we could look through the eyes of a Chinese citizen 2000 years ago, we would be able to more easily understand what life was like back then and how it has differed from present day China and the rest of the world. Sadly, that is impossible, but we hope to re-imagine this idea by tasting Chinese foods, looking at Chinese architecture and clothing, understanding the different religions and societies, and celebrating the Chinese holidays as they come and go. While the main focus is to allow the club members to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture, modern and Ancient, we also want the meetings to be fun as well. To do this, we will make the meetings more interactive using games, taste tests, and other


D4M is a club that hosts large-scale conversations, conferences, and other activities centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our spring conference and monthly Coffee and Conversations foster an environment of open participation and respectful discourse, and are an excellent forum for people to come together to discuss topical issues and how they are affected by them. D4M celebrates everyone’s opinions and our events are a great way to see an issue from someone else’s point of view. All are welcome to sit back, listen, and share in meaningful conversation.


HOLA is a club that meets bi-weekly to discuss issues pertinent to the Hispanic/Latino population. All are welcome to come and learn about Hispanic/Latino culture and have some fun in the process! We also plan to host one or two interscholastic events over the course of the year in hopes of achieving our goal of increasing awareness of the issues at stake. We also aim to establish a space where anyone at McDonogh may feel comfortable among other Hispanic or Latino students.

French Club

Our club is devoted to learning about and celebrating French culture, food, language, art, fashion, music, and so much more! We plan to offer meetings regularly to discuss these themes and schedule trips to more deeply explore French culture. This club differs from other language-centric clubs because the meetings will be mostly in French, so everyone will experience French immersion, whether you speak the language or not. Even if you aren’t a French student, we can guarantee that you will have a great time in French club!