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Whether it’s a third grade student in a nook with a book, a sixth grader attending a book talk about a great new novel, or a senior discovering primary resources, students find a warm welcome in the libraries. Directed by caring, knowledgeable professionals who understand the needs of students, as well as the diverse range of resources available to them, the librarians are prepared to respond to the demands of school-age learners.

In addition to the traditional resources that have always distinguished McDonogh’s libraries, each division has plentiful access to technology and databases. The library faculty are much more than stewards of this technology; they provide access to information and strive to instill in students the critical judgment and intuitive thinking that will allow them to identify and utilize valid, useful resources in responsible and ethical ways. In this way, the librarians help students become astute thinkers and problem solvers in many areas of study.

To align with curriculum and reading levels, McDonogh maintains one library for each of its three divisions: Lower School Dawson Library, Middle School Krauss Library, and Upper School Kiplinger Library.