Terri Neighbours - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Terri Neighbours

If Terri Neighbours did not do her job in a near-perfect way each day, everybody who works at McDonogh would notice. I can say this because Terri is the person who makes sure all of McDonogh’s employees get paid! She has served the school as our Payroll and Benefits Administrator since coming to McDonogh in October of 2008. Under her watch, no one has ever missed a paycheck or lost an earned benefit. Terri has almost single-handedly gathered, verified, and processed paychecks and benefits every two weeks for more than ten years. Terri is highly ethical, completely honest, and entirely trustworthy. She is also quite witty and can lighten the mood in any Business Office meeting.

Terri has exacting standards for herself and is dedicated to doing her work in a precise and timely way. A former supervisor says, “Every job in the school requires attention to detail and has deadlines, but none are so important or so visible to the entire community as the payroll and benefits processes run exclusively by Terri Neighbours. There are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly deadlines for payment processing and all the associated federal and state reporting requirements. Terri handles all of this with extraordinary skill and accuracy.”

The volume of work that Terri manages is impressive. She processes payroll for over 500 employees twice each month and during the summer she adds 400 camp employees to her list.

And her work ethic is comparable to none! Because she understands the critical nature of her deadlines, she has not taken a real vacation in ten years. She does not complain about that, either! Terri simply takes her laptop and printer with her wherever she goes, including her former home in Monkton, her RV, and even now, the new home she shares with Owen in Tennessee.

Terri, we thank you for doing your job so well. You have been a great asset to McDonogh, and you can take that one to the bank!