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McDonogh's Endowment

Dedication to educational excellence and accessibility. Commitment to fostering strong morals and the will “to do the greatest possible amount of good.” Visionary leaders. Outstanding faculty. Earnest students. Loyal supporters. These are the reasons McDonogh School stands strong nearly 150 years after its founding. 

In order to further stand the test of time and continue providing a transformational experience for our students, we must grow McDonogh’s endowment. 

With the cost of education increasing, so is the number of applicants requiring financial aid. Simultaneously, the demands of the global marketplace are quickly evolving, making our commitment to teaching excellence more important than ever.

McDonogh’s endowment is a perpetual source of support for the School, and it is a top priority to establish new endowment funds to support these efforts and ensure long-term sustainability.

If you would like to make an endowed gift that is meaningful to both you and McDonogh, please contact Pat Muth, Senior Director of Philanthropy for Capital Programs, at 443-544-7056 or

Endowment Investment Opportunities

Named Scholarship Funds 

McDonogh provides $6.4M+ per year in financial aid an scholarship. An endowment of $160M will fund this initiative in perpetuity.

  • Full Scholarship (Boarding): $800,000
  • Full Scholarship (Day): $600,000
  • Partial Scholarship: $100,000

List of Named Scholarships

Funds for Our Faculty 

In FY22, McDonogh allocated $32M+ to salaries and benefits for our faculty and staff. This investment represents approximately 72% of the annual budget.

  • Named Fund: $100,000

List of Named Faculty Support Funds.

McDonogh Family Tuition Funds 

McDonogh provides $4.1M+ per year in tuition remission to employees. An endowment of $100M will fund this initiative in perpetuity.

  • Named Fund: $100,000

Named Faculty Awards 

McDonogh recognizes our faculty for the discipline of their scholarship, the depth of their convictions, and the strength of their compassion.

  • Distinguished Teaching Chair: $1,000,000 
  • Teaching Chair: $500,000 

List of Named Teaching Chairs

Greatest Good McDonogh

Foster philanthropic and social innovation abilities in students. 

  • Named Fund: $100,000

Learn about the program

Equity and Inclusion Fund 

Support McDonogh's journey of action, reflection, and recommitment. 

  • Named Fund: $100,000 

Learn about our programming

Key Program Funds

Naming Opportunities:

  • Academic Subject - $100,000
  • Arts - $100,000
  • Athletics - $100,000
  • Campus Preservation - $100,0000
  • Faculty Professional Development - $100,000
  • Innovation - $100,000
  • Roots Curriculum - $100,000
  • Student Life - $100,000
  • Technology Fund - $100,000

Endowment Usage (% of dollars spent in FY21 - $4.7M total)