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Dear Alumni,

I am excited to serve as your Association President for the next two school years. McDonogh holds a special place in my heart as I hope it does for each of you. We all share a special connection and bond that comes from graduating from this historic institution.

Regardless of the field or career that we sought after senior year, McDonogh provided us with a solid foundation for the future. I learned about public speaking and working with different groups of people during my seven years at our school, and that has helped me immensely as an ordained minister. As I enter into my 15th reunion year, many of the lessons I learned at McDonogh continue to assist me in ministry and service today. 

McDonogh has always prepared students to thrive in an ever changing world. Over the past few months this has become even more relevant. This has been a year like no other. In 2020, we have watched as a virus impacted every corner of the world, unrest has broken out within our nation, and racial tensions are boiling over. Injustice is being captured and going viral. The oppressive forces that have stood in the way of progress and equality for all are being called to the mat and must answer the cries for change. These are times when leaders must step to the forefront. 

As we continue to work through the challenges ahead, we must stick together and seek to make our mark by doing the “greatest possible amount of good.” One of the joys in serving on the Alumni Board over the past nine years has been the opportunity to observe and interact with current students. I am constantly amazed at their courage to tackle big issues and let their voices be heard. This was even more evident this past June as students of all ages and races returned to campus to show their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. As alumni, we have a responsibility to support these students who traverse through the same hallowed halls that we once filled. 


I look forward to seeing your faces over the next two years at events on and off campus. I am excited about reconnecting with many of you and meeting even more of you. If you have not been to campus in awhile, we would love to have you back (when it is safe to do so). I am sure you will be surprised by what you see! We have a duty to do our part to make McDonogh the best it can be, and I believe that each of us will play a role in ensuring that the future of our beloved school is as strong as ever.

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Joshua A. Thomas ’06
Alumni Board President


We give something more than we take.


To enhance the McDonogh community by engaging alumni through a vibrant Alumni Association that provides opportunities for all alumni to maintain a lifelong connection to McDonogh, to interact with and enrich the McDonogh experience for current students, and to support McDonogh through alumni participation and giving in keeping with the traditions and values of McDonogh School.

2020-2021 Alumni Board


  • President: Joshua A. Thomas ’06
  • Vice President: Caitlin C. Xenakis ’07
  • Secretary: Meghan J. McGuire McGee ’02
  • Treasurer: Bradd M. Caplan ’98
  • Immediate Past President: Jason B. Schwartzberg ’99



Lauren Snyder Ades ’99
Christopher K. Agorsor ’08 
Bruce A. Baggan ’65
Nina Basu ’98
Lori R. Sheitel Baylin ’92
Gregory M. Bell ’86
Kristin E. Blumer ’90
Kimberly D. Hilson Carmichael ’10
Benjamin S. Carson ’03
Bruce Chan ’01
Scott B. Eisen ’04
Morris L. Garten ’85
Kellee Parrott Gonzalez ’96
Lauren M. Street Goodall ‘93
Robin Edlow Heller ’00
David C. Holland ’90
Abigail E. Caso Holmes ’06
Lauren R. Lipscomb ’93
Niela A. Magwood-Phoenix ’96
Rachel E. Urban Mertins ’00
Ashley M. LeBow Mutch ’03
Rachel Brooke Petty ’12
Katherine M. Reider ’96
Jamie Blum Seward ’93
Richard C. Sheridan ’83
Douglas N. Silber ’76
Brian J. Singer ’95
Ayinde M. Stewart ’92