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Honorary Alumni

In the history of McDonogh School, only 18 people have achieved the distinction of being named McDonogh School Honorary Alumni. This honor is given to those whose service to McDonogh is beyond measure. It is given to those who have done the greatest amount of good for the school and to those who deserve to be called McDonogh Alumni. They are:

  • Charles W. Britton
  • J. Desmond M. Corcoran*
  • Ann H. Dixon
  • W. Boulton Dixon
  • Howard C. Eyth*
  • Leland A. Graham*
  • John A. Luetkemeyer, Jr.
  • Harry A. MacHamer*
  • Louis F. Martin, Jr.*
  • Martin H. McKibbin, Jr.*
  • Carl J. Meil, Jr.*
  • R. Edwin Novak, Sr.
  • Mary W. Rollins*
  • Frayda Salkin
  • Donna W. Sieverts
  • Douglas I. Smink*
  • Agnes M. Thomas*
  • Quinton D. Thompson*


Honorary alumni are elected by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Alumni Board.