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One of the most beautiful buildings on campus is easily Tagart Memorial Chapel, a graceful stone structure whose quiet dignity is reflected in its surroundings – the gentle slope of Chapel Hill, the expanse of corn fields below, the shaded serenity of Childs Memorial, the Timothy Nicolai ’87 memorial garden, the trees that line the path to the chapel. Also nearby is the McDonogh Columbarium, a slightly curved granite monument constructed in 2001 that stands on the south side of the chapel.

Adjacent to the memorial garden, the columbarium consists of a series of recessed chambers that hold the ashes of the deceased. John Sturgis Wells ’24, whose generous gift allowed for the columbarium to be built, is interred there among other members of the McDonogh family.

Interment in the columbarium is open to alumni, current and former faculty and staff, former school trustees, and their spouses. Those who wish to make McDonogh their final resting place may have their ashes placed in an urn and stored in the columbarium. The names of the deceased will be inscribed on the outside of the monument. Having nurtured countless students in their youth, the McDonogh community is happy to welcome back those who wish to return following long and fruitful lives.

For more information about the McDonogh Columbarium, please contact Carol Croxton, Director of Alumni Engagement,

If you would like to download and print a copy of the contract for the Columbarium please click here.