Seminar for Transformational Learning - McDonogh School

Seminar for Transformational Learning: Supporting Career Growth

In the dynamic world of independent schools, there are many opportunities for career advancement, and McDonogh is committed to helping faculty and staff achieve their professional goals. 

Hence, the creation of the McDonogh Seminar for Transformational Leadership (STL), a comprehensive 10-month program specifically designed for individuals in the early to mid-stages of their careers who find themselves pondering, "What lies ahead in my professional journey?"

The STL offers an immersive learning experience combining reflective practice, in-depth case study analysis, and rigorous Fierce® training in core leadership competencies. The unique seminar equips participants with an understanding of the intricate workings of independent schools, the skills needed for effective communication and leadership, and a clear sense of professional purpose. “These experiences help prepare emerging leaders to face the often complex, knotty problems in schools for which there are often no crystal-clear answers,” says Director of Innovation and Learning Kevin Costa. 

Whether seeking to become a department chair, dean, or administrator, or wanting to explore fields like philanthropy, college counseling, or admissions, the McDonogh Seminar for Transformational Leadership offers an exceptional foundation for any career path in independent schools. Costa shares, “Participants will emerge from this program knowledgeable about their strengths and growth areas as they consider what next steps they'll take in their careers.”

Faculty and staff are invited to apply for the program in the spring. Selections are announced before the end of the school year, and the seminar runs from August to May.