SENIOR PORTRAITS - Due December 1, 2019

Senior portraits for the Legacy yearbook do not need to be taken by a professional photographer or studio. Any high-resolution digital portrait is acceptable. Portraits can be black/white or color, although color is recommended. Portraits may also be any size and may be cropped by the yearbook staff to fit the allotted space.

If you would like to use the school's professional photographer, Irvin Simon, for your senior's portrait, sign up for a casual portrait session on campus on Thursday, September 19 or Thursday, October 10. You may also choose a formal portrait at the Owings Mills studio on a date of your choice. View more information. If a senior portrait is not submitted, the school ID photo will be used. Submit senior portraits by December 1 to

Submit Senior Portraits by December 1, 2019 to

SENIOR WRITE-UPS  - Due January 4, 2019

Senior write­-ups are a senior’s opportunity to create and give a personal message to those who read the yearbook: friends, family, teachers, alum, and people who don’t know you. It may take many different forms:

  • thank yous to significant people
  • memories and messages to friends
  • a story or poem

If you aren’t sure what to do with your space, take a look through last year’s yearbook to get ideas. If a senior write-up is not submitted, the space will be filled with text from John McDonogh's Rules for Living.

Submit Senior Write-ups by January 4, 2019, to Senior Section Editor H. Goad Persaud '19 (

See Senior Write-Up Guidelines for more information.