McDonogh 50K in May Challenge


Thank you to our amazing community for a successful $50K in May Challenge! The final numbers are in, and they are impressive. Together, we raised $88,256 from 232 donors in support of the McDonogh Fund.

To add to the excitement, we were able to secure every penny of the $50,000 match from Marlene and Steven Wolchinsky P ‘22! We are extremely grateful to the Wolchinsky family, not only for their generosity but also for inspiring hundreds of fellow donors to support our school.

All dollars raised during the challenge go directly toward creating the best possible educational experience for our students. Your contributions allow McDonogh to offer exceptional opportunities for academic and personal growth that few other schools in the country can match.

Thank you for demonstrating your generosity and school spirit by supporting the $50K in May Challenge! If you haven't made your gift in 2018-19 or still need to fulfill your pledge, there is still time before our fiscal year closes on June 30. You can give online, or find us on Venmo @mcdonoghfund (please include your name and class year or child’s class year, if applicable, in the comments field).




Dollars Raised


Goal: $50,000
by May 31

Time Remaining

Challenge ends at 11:59 PM on May 31, 2019