It is with great joy and deep gratitude that we announce the completion of The McDonogh Forever Campaign.

Through the generosity of those who believe in the mission and future of McDonogh School, the campaign surpassed its goal of $75 million, raising $80,074,190.

The Rosenberg Campus Green

The impact of THE MCDONOGH FOREVER CAMPAIGN, which was launched in November 2010, is far-reaching for our students, teachers, and the entire McDonogh community. The Naylor Building is allowing innovative teaching and learning in Upper School science, technology, engineering, and math classrooms and labs. The Edward St. John Student Center offers two dining halls, fine and performing arts studios, the relocated Tuttle Gallery, a 171-seat lyceum, an updated infirmary, and many new gathering places designed to nurture the relationships that are so important at McDonogh. The Rosenberg Campus Green will unite our campus and become an ideal place for outdoor fun and learning when it is completed in the fall of 2014. The campaign is also supporting The McDonogh Fund, which is vital to the day-to-day operations of the school, as well as funding endowment for financial aid, faculty salaries, professional development, and academic and extracurricular programs.

With the remarkable conclusion of The McDonogh Forever Campaign, the largest in our school’s history, there is no doubt that McDonogh is positioned to build on its foundation of excellence and provide the best possible educational experience for generations to come.

We are “forever” grateful to the many members of the McDonogh community—loyal alumni, former and current parents and grandparents, faculty and staff, and friends of the school—who supported the campaign and contributed to its resounding success. These devoted benefactors will be listed in the McDonogh School annual report, which will be published in the fall of 2014. McDonogh Forever!

A pie chart showing the total gifts
Campus Enhancements $67,240,336
Endowment $5,692,557
The McDonogh Fund $7,141,297
TOTAL $80,074,190

Goal $65,000,000
Raised $67,240,336
Goal $2,500,000
Raised $5,692,557
Goal $1,500,000
2010-2011 Raised $1,623,063
2011-2012 Raised $1,664,247
2012-2013 Raised $1,853,987
2013-2014 Projected $2,000,000
Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr. ’48

Howard S. Klein ’76
Vice Chair

Kirsten P. Adams
Arthur H. Adler ’78
Charles W. Britton
Adam J. Brooks ’89
Robert S. Carpenter ’78
Sally S. Dunn
Judith G. Fader
Michael L. Falcone ’79
Timothy J. Fish
Brett Ingerman ’87
Melissa T. Ingerman
Christine K. Krause
Jennifer A. Little
John A. Luetkemeyer, Jr.
Meghan M. McDade
Lynn R. McKain*
Courtney S. Muller
Barry D. Rollins ’74
Brad Shelley
Richard B. Silberstein ’77
Pamela Cragg Singleton ’81
Nina C. Sinnott
Patricia R. Stephens
Eileen Flynn Toohey ’77
Curtis N. Adams, Jr. ’84
Arthur H. Adler ’78
Edward S. Ahn ’92
James M. Bannantine
Eric D. Becker
W. Bradley Bennett
Robert W. Black III ’80
H. Stacey Boyer ’76
Adam J. Brooks ’89
Robert S. Carpenter ’78
Henry G. Chiles, Jr. ’56
Robert M. Chilstrom ’63*
Curtis H. Cornwell ’82
Frank E. Curran III ’74
Erika Seth Davies ’94
Anna M. Dopkin ’85
Scott E. Dorsey
R. Jack Doub ’52
Judith G. Fader
Steven B. Fader
Michael L. Falcone ’79
Joseph P. Flynn
James P. Grant
Michael I. Greenebaum
Stewart J. Greenebaum
Harry Kassap ’86
Howard S. Klein ’76
Stanley J. Kraska, Jr. ’78
Michael D. Layden ’94
Se-Jin Lee
Richard E. Levine
Donn Lewis
Kirsten Baker Lockyer ’89
John A. Luetkemeyer, Jr.
John O. Mitchell IV ’89
Charles O. Monk, II ’67
Courtney S. Muller
William J. Paterakis
Theo C. Rodgers
Wayne L. Rogers
Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr. ’48
Richard B. Silberstein ’77
Pamela Cragg Singleton ’81
Patricia R. Stephens
J. Matthew Stover
Deborah C. Talbert
Clive Williams
Vernon H. C. Wright ’61
Samuel H. Wright ’64
Shirley Yang
Robert L. Young III ’86
* deceased