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Computer Science Students Excel in Competition

On a Saturday morning in late April, four teams of McDonogh students gathered virtually for Code Quest 2021, a computer programming competition sponsored by the aerospace company, Lockheed Martin. Two and a half hours later, after writing code to solve some 30 problems, McDonogh's team "Cross Check" emerged as the first-place winner, out of 55 teams, in the novice category—having only studied the Java language for a year.

"I was impressed by the discipline, preparation, and organization all our coders showed in the competition," says Computer Science Teacher Joe Thompson. "They deserve their high scores after investing major amounts of time and energy preparing—including doing every problem in the 2017 problem set prior to competing. They really worked hard."

In the annual competition, designed to demonstrate students' coding skills, teams of two or three students work together to solve a set of problems created by Lockheed Martin engineers and computer programmers. The goal is to solve as many problems ranging from easy to "crazy hard" in the two-and-a-half-hour time limit. Due to COVID restrictions, the 2021 competition took place over Zoom and teams worked in breakout rooms.

Congratulations to McDonogh's Code Quest competitors.

  • Cross Check: Jai Bajaj '24, Kemka Ihemelandu '23, and Jon Salenger '24
  • Cyber Eagles: Mia Li '22, Ella McChesney '22, and Katherine Pesetski '24
  • 4D Array: George Seybold '22, Daniel Sung '23, Demetri West '23
  • Team 018: Chris Kobulnicky '23 and Stuart Zhu '22