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Music, Merriment, Minions, and the Holiday Spirit

The annual All-School Holiday assembly on Friday, December 9 featured the traditional theme of discovering the Holiday Spirit. This year the tale, about a group of six supervillains played by faculty and administrators, was woven around performances by singers, dancers, and musicians from all three divisions, as well as a few corny jokes.

In the story, scripted by Upper School Theatre students, Gru, played by Head of School Dave Farace, recalls his childhood and desperately wanting to be a villain. At the time, he sent his minions (played by upper schoolers) to steal it, but naturally, they bungled the task. When Queen Holiday (Bridget Collins) arrived on the scene she diffused the confusion and reminded the villains, Minions, and the audience, "The Holiday Spirit is not a thing to be stolen or captured! The Holiday Spirit is actually the love we share with family and friends; the joy we spread to all during this magical season! It’s the kind words we offer to those who need a little pick me up. The Holiday Spirit is inside of all of us."

The joyful assembly concluded with Gru proclaiming, "Happy holidays, everyone! Let’s celebrate together and spread joy to all!" Watch the sights and sounds here.