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The Great Kindergarten Bake Off

McDonogh loves pumpkins. Maybe it is their orange color. Maybe it is because nearly every part of the pumpkin is edible, making them perfect for the Seed to Table program. But most likely, it is the joy they bring kindergarteners who plant them in the spring, harvest them in the fall, and then get to taste the fruits of their labor when they bake with them before Thanksgiving break.

Each kindergarten class went to the barn at Roots Farm during the week of November 15 and worked with Chef Staley to make pumpkin muffins from scratch. First, they removed the seeds and pulp from their pumpkins and then they baked the pulp from which they made fresh pumpkin puree. They carefully added the puree to the rest of their ingredients, mixed it all together, poured the batter into baking cups, and waited patiently as the sweet smell of their muffins filled the barn. When their masks came down for the brief moment it took the kindergartners to devour their creations, satisfied smiles took their place.