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Seaworthy Cardboard Boats Compete

The threat of stormy weather almost sank the annual Cardboard Boat Race for a second time this year, but thankfully the rains were held at bay. Eight carefully crafted cardboard boats created by teams of upper schoolers (and one alumni “yacht”) took to the waters of the duck pond on Thursday, June 2 for their maiden (and final) voyage. The themes of the vessels: Road Runner, Pond Patrol, Mini-golf, Banana Split, Dragon Boat, Orca, Porco's Plane, and DeLores the DeLorean, were reflected in the surprisingly seaworthy crafts as well as in the outfits worn by the crews. 

After two heats in front of an enthusiastic crowd, teams headed back to the Fader Innovation Center for the award ceremony. Congratulations to all the participants and to the builders of the Orca (the boat from Jaws) who were awarded the BOB (Best Overall Boat) trophy—made of cardboard, of course!