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Art Pop-Up Day

It was a day to celebrate all things artistic as every division came together to enjoy Art Pop-Up Day on Monday, May 9. The Ritter Terrace transformed into a stage and the sidewalks became a blank canvas as students in PK-12 got in touch with their creativity. There were theater, dance, and musical performances throughout the day and students were invited to visit different stations where they could make their own buttons and jewelry or just doodle or draw with sidewalk chalk.  

Whether is was Holly Thompson’s eighth grade artists learning typography on the sidewalk outside of Greenebaum or Beth Rausch’s fourth graders singing as they strolled in front of Allan, there opportunities to connect with the arts everywhere. Students also soaked in the Senior Capstone Art Show hanging in the Tuttle Gallery and throughout the Edward St. John Student Center.

The goal of Art Pop Up Day is to make art inclusive, accessible, public, and fun so that everyone at McDonogh School can tap into their inner artist. It is the hope of the Arts Department that sharing these performances and works of visual art will spark the imagination of everyone in the community and inspire even more creativity.