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Stewart Honors Recital 2021

The 28th annual Stewart Senior Honors Recital marked the first Upper School performance in front of a live audience in over a year. Drs. James and Brenda Stewart established the award in the spring of 1993 in recognition and appreciation for McDonogh School’s outstanding program in the areas of dance, theatre, and music. On Friday, June 4, seniors Emily Adams, Maycie Blair, Abby Lawson, and Olivia Miller took to the Horn Theatre stage to perform before a socially distanced audience of family and friends. 

The recital began with a surprise performance by the 2020 award recipients Daniel Kim, Jacob Rose, and Luke Luo. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Stewart Recital was held virtually and the trio did not have the chance to perform in front of a live audience. It was a treat to once again hear them perform their closing number “Empty Chairs, Empty Tables” and to see them receive the ovation they deserved.

The 2021 recital featured masterful dance routines choreographed and performed by Emily Adams and Abby Lawson. Maycie Blair and Olivia Miller gave beautiful vocal music performances as both soloists and as a duet. The four artists came together to perform during the closing number before receiving their flowers and a standing ovation.

Watch the performance here.