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The Sweet Sound of Cooperation

As Ashleigh Cicconi's first grade performing arts class was learning about different instruments and what types of sounds they create, Sydney Shera's Physics class was studying soundwaves and the science behind the creation of sound. Recognizing the opportunity for cross-divisional cooperation, the two teachers decided to bring their classes together for a large group project.

First, the Lower Schoolers taught the upper schoolers everything they had learned about musical instruments and sound. Then they tasked the Physic's class with creating instruments that could reproduce certain sounds. The Upper Schoolers did not disappoint as they quickly developed plans for several prototypes. The Lower Schoolers voted for their four favorite instruments and Shera's students got to work crafting them from available materials. Finally, the two classes came back together to examine and play the instruments. It is always great to see students from different divisions working in perfect harmony.