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Global Adventures Bring Perspective

Over spring break, 35 McDonogh students embarked on international trips to experience different cultures, explore historical sites, and take educational tours as a part of the Upper School's Global Programs.

The first group headed to Italy where they toured Milan, Venice, Florence, Assisi, and Rome. In Venice, they had the chance to travel down the Grand Canal, stroll across the Bridge of Sighs, visit Doge's Palace, and see a glass blowing demonstration. In Florence, they took an expertly guided tour of the Piazza Della Signoria, the Ponte Vecchio, the Chiesa di Santa Croce, the Gates of Paradise, and the Duomo. Finally, in Rome, they visited St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, the Colosseum, and much more.

The second group visited Vietnam where they toured Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, Ninh Binh, and My Lai. The group made their way through the DMZ of central Vietnam, where they saw the airstrip and one of the battle sites of the important battle of Khe Sanh. They admired the gorgeous Cam Lo river as they drove towards the 17th parallel where they crossed from Southern Vietnam to Northern Vietnam. In Hoi An, they visited the Cham Museum and a beautiful lagoon before taking a delicious street food tour, soaking in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the city. A long but important journey to My Lai allowed them to visit the My Lai Massacre Memorial Site where they learned about the devastating impact of the Vietnam War.

Both trips allowed McDonogh students to bond as they made their way through emotional, educational, and meaningful journeys that provided perspective-altering LifeReady experiences.