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Faculty Professional Development

A commitment to lifelong learning and growth

We firmly believe that teaching is a noble and lifelong calling, and we are wholeheartedly invested in your educational journey. You will be supported with robust programming and opportunities designed to enrich your career and make a profound impact on your students.

Here are some examples:

  • Full-day professional learning programming during the school year
  • All-school and divisional Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings to foster faculty growth
  • Financial support for summer professional learning
  • Generous funding for faculty earning their first advanced degree
  • Funding for conference attendance
  • New faculty orientation that provides ongoing support throughout the first year
  • The McDonogh Seminar for Transformational Leadership—a program to prepare select faculty for leadership and growth in independent schools
  • The LifeReady Fellows Early Career Program—a mentoring program for faculty new to the education profession that provides opportunities to learn about life and work in independent schools, child and adolescent development, instructional best practices, and other elements of the education profession

Your professional journey at McDonogh is more than a job; it's a profound commitment to lifelong learning and growth.