About The McDonogh Fund

The McDonogh Fund is our annual giving program and it is the highest financial priority of the school each year. Gifts support nearly every aspect of a McDonogh education and enrich the intellectual, social, and personal development of every student.

The tradition of philanthropy at McDonogh began with its founding and continues today. The standard of excellence in a McDonogh education is directly attributable to the collective effort and steadfast generosity of alumni, parents, trustees, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty and staff, foundations, and friends who contribute every year.

The annual gift is the first and foremost gift every community member should make to support McDonogh. While we prepare the campus for the future through capital campaigns, we cannot neglect today’s students, their needs, or the necessities required to run the school.

The McDonogh Fund provides 5% of the annual operating budget. Growing The McDonogh Fund is critical to ensuring the widest possible range of learning opportunities and providing the educational experience we promise to families.

Gifts to The McDonogh Fund help support the operating costs of the school and cover a wide range of needs, such as faculty salaries; scholarships; academic, arts, and athletic programming; technology; student activities; and campus maintenance.

Why Annual Giving Matters:

  • On average, tuition and fees cover 75% of what it costs to educate a McDonogh student; gifts to The McDonogh Fund help bridge that gap.
  • A strong and growing annual giving program will help moderate the pressure on the rate of tuition increases.
  • The McDonogh Fund builds the school’s “checking account,” or expendable monies, and preserves its “savings account” (endowment), ensuring the endowment is available for future generations of students.
  • Gifts provide support to attract and retain the finest teachers and provide scholarships to ensure McDonogh remains accessible to all students.
  • Why Participation Matters:

    • Gifts to The McDonogh Fund have immediate impact on the lives of students and faculty, and on the programs that strengthen the McDonogh experience.
    • Gifts both large and small convey gratitude and are a visible display of support for the mission of the school.
    • Strong participation validates to potential foundation and corporate donors that McDonogh is worthy of their support.
    • Strong participation perpetuates an already strong sense of community and family at McDonogh.

    McDonogh Fund Gifts are Used to:

    • Hire the finest teachers and offer professional development opportunities.
    • Provide financial assistance to students to ensure socio-economic diversity.
    • Provide the resources for curriculum innovation.
    • Regularly update and upgrade technology resources.
    • Support extracurricular activities, clubs, athletics, and arts programs.
    • Maintain our campus facilities.

    Give online to the McDonogh Fund.

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Who can I contact about making a gift?
Lea Ward
Director of Parent Giving


2016-2017 PROGRESS


The current giving year is July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

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