Seventh Grade

Seventh graders are reintroduced to writing the foreign language with a structured unit on sound-letter correspondences. Simple statements and questions follow. Students practice structures and vocabulary using role-playing and personalized questions. Each child has the opportunity for real communication through correspondence with a foreign pen pal. Study skills taught and practiced include note taking, preparation for unit tests and exams, memorization techniques, intelligent guessing, and answering questions.

This course focuses on the following areas:

  • Pronunciation - vowels and intonation patterns
  • Vocabulary - greetings/courtesy expressions, time/date, weather, numbers, colors, family, sports, classroom expressions, food.
  • Grammar - pronouns, verbs, nouns (gender and plural), prepositions, adjectives, sentences (affirmative and negative), interrogative words and question word order.
  • Culture and civilization - countries, continents, cities, seas, holiday songs and customs.
  • Students in the continuing program begin using the past tense, in addition to the grammar listed above. The vocabulary and grammar of the course are more extensive than that of the regular program.

    Texts of Continuing Program:
    Spanish: Vaya 2
    French: Route Nationale 2, Briggs, Goodman-Stevens, & Rogers, Nelson
    German: Zick Zack 2

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