Social Studies/History

The Middle School social studies curriculum strives to prepare students to be engaged and responsible citizens of the world. Teachers emphasize primary source interpretation, note taking, map skills, research, and persuasive writing skills at all levels in the curriculum, all while engaging students to make the study of history personal and relevant.

The fifth and sixth grade programs focus on ancient civilizations and world cultures, honing map skills and geography as well as laying the foundation for sharp critical thinking skills. Seventh and eighth grade students take part in a two year American history program which further develops critical thinking skills through direct engagement with primary sources and research materials. The seventh grade curriculum pays special attention to the founding principles of the nation and America’s continual effort to live up to those principles, and the eighth grade concentrates on influential people and events in twentieth-century America.

The social studies department takes pride in its interdisciplinary program, working on projects in conjunction with the English faculty as well as the fine and performing arts faculty in order to enhance the textbook and foster participation in and enthusiasm for class material. Above all, the program endeavors to help students see how they fit into the big picture, why this picture matters to everyone, and what they must do to be positive forces at work in it.

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