Citations for Electronic Sources

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Citations are used to allow others to locate and verify the sources or your work. Accuracy is important!

This page provides guidelines for electronic sources only. Guidelines for traditional sources can be found in Writers, Inc., A Pocket Style Manual, "McDonogh Middle School Study Guide" or a similar writing handbook.

Please verify with your teachers before finalizing your Works Cited or Bibliography section of your paper.

Citations in a Works Cited section or a Bibliography should be arranged alphabetically by author (or title, if there is no author) and be double spaced between entries. Also, the first line of an entry should be left justified; subsequent lines should be indented.

Electronic Resources

Article from an Online Database

(e.g. Proquest, SIRS, etc. ) NOTE: Often, an online database will have a section about citations or bibliographies at the end of an article.

Author Last Name, Author First Name (if available). "Title of Document or Article." Periodical or
Book Title. Date of print publication (if available). Edition (if available): pages. Database Name. Internet Address. Date of Access.

"Jane Austin." Authors and Artists for Young Adults. Vol. 7-26. Gale Research, 1992-99.
Biography Resource Center. 20, 2000.

Leeds, Jeff. "Campaign 2000." The Los Angeles Times. Sept. 17, 2000. Proquest. September 20, 2000.

"E.A. Poe's New Work." The Southern Literary Messenger, Vol. VI, No. 1, January, 1840, p. 126.
Reprinted in Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism, vol. 16. Literature Resource Center. September 18, 2000.

Greenfeld, Karl Taro. "Searching for the Asian-American Dream." Japan Times. May 11-17,
1992, pp. 12-13. SIRS Knowledge Source. September 20, 2002.

McDonogh Online Database Sources
Access Science
America the Beautiful
Big Chalk Elementary
Biography Resource Center
Government Reporter
Groliers Multimedia Encyclopedia
Groves Dictionary of Art
Lands and People
Literature Resource Center
Modern World History Resource Center
Opposing Viewpoints
New Book of Knowledge
Popular Science
Proquest Platinum
SIRS Researcher
SIRS Discoverer
Student Resource Center, Jr.
US History Resource Center
Worldbook Encyclopedia

World Wide Web (WWW)

Please check these sources carefully - see EVALUATING SOURCES if you need help. (Articles retrieved using NetTrekker should use this format)

Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Title of Page or Document." Title of Site or Larger
Work (if applicable). Date of document. Internet Address. Date of access.


Dixon, W. Boulton. "Headmaster's Message." McDonogh School. June 2, 1998.



Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Article Name." Name of CD-ROM. CD-ROM. City,
State:Publishing Company. Date.


"Trees." Encarta 2000. CD-ROM. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation. 2000.

Electronic Mail (Email)


Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Subject line of the message." Email from sender
(if different than author) to recipient's name. Date of message.


Gates, William. "Latest Technology Trends." Email from Ruth Edder to Jersey Frederick. June 2, 2002.

Other resources

Upper School Students - Check Writers, Inc. or A Pocket Style Manual
Middle School students - Check your "McDonogh Middle School Study Guide"

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