Fourth Grade


Overview of the Fourth Grade Literacy Program
The fourth grade uses a Balanced Literacy Approach to teach the skills and strategies of good readers and writers. The Balanced Literacy Approach is implemented through the cross­curricular exploration of literature and the writing workshop model. Key reading components include: read­aloud, shared reading, and small group instruction. Key writing components include: shared writing, interactive writing, and writing workshop.
Fourth Grade Literacy Skills
The fourth grade classrooms are reading and writing communities where students grow in both independence and stamina. Students share their love of books while reading various genres of text, and in so doing, stretch their skills, apply their knowledge, and develop their personal voice. With a large leveled library of high quality books organized by the Fountas and PInnell levelling system, the fourth grade curriculum helps to push students out of their comfort zone while enabling them to recognize their own unique strengths.
Students have access to a large leveled library of high quality books that have been leveled using the Fountas and Pinnell leveling system. Teachers use the Writer’s Workshop model and the Units of Study by Lucy Caulkins as a guide. A collection of literature is used to engage the student and develop both reading and writing skills. Grammar Workshop is used to support the skills found both in literature and writing workshop. To supplement the curriculum, Eleven Miles, a skills book, is used to reinforce the elements of writing and reading comprehension.


Overview of Fourth Grade Math Program
The fourth grade uses The Everyday Mathematics program as the foundation of its math curriculum. The program teaches a realistic approach to problem solving in everyday situations and uses a spiral approach to teaching with a focus on progressing from the concrete to the abstract. The Everyday Mathematics series empowers students to learn through self­discovery, the use of manipulatives, partner and group discussions, and teacher­directed lessons. Basic skills are frequently practiced through routines and mathematical games. Furthermore, the program teaches the students to be strong mathematical listeners and communicators. The use of technology plays an important role in allowing students to have a multi­sensory, interactive math experience. In addition, math is incorporated into the entire day through activities such as interactive whiteboard tasks, cooking, gardening, literature, and art activities. In grades one through four, students are placed into one of the five fluid, homogeneous math groups.
Fourth Grade Math Skills
The Fourth Grade Everyday Mathematics emphasizes the following content strands, skills, and concepts: Number and Numeration; Operations and Computation; Data and Chance; Measurement and Reference Frames; Geometry; Patterns, Functions, and Algebra.

Social Studies

The fourth grade social studies program is integrated with the language arts, science, and library curricula. It is designed to teach specific skills such as researching using print and the Internet; using and reading maps; thinking critically; and debating issues. Additionally, a goal of the program is to instill in students an appreciation for the larger world. Finally, students begin to develop an understanding of historical context.

Teachers model and explicitly teach the skills and strategies in the fourth grade social studies program. The students acquire research skills which enable them to learn about important historical events and people, and they also begin to understand the importance of the integrity of the environment. Furthermore, fourth grade students learn to do the following: use and read maps, research through print and the Internet, articulate their ideas and concepts through written and oral expression, speak to an issue through debate, read text discerningly so as to understand a point of view, and think critically.

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