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College Choices

McDonogh students are recruited by the most prestigious colleges and universities in the US, and each year students are accepted by Ivy League and other top institutions. However, the goal of McDonogh college counselors is not simply to encourage students to attend the "best colleges," but to help students determine which colleges are right for individual interests, personalities, and goals. Following is the list of matriculations for the Class of 2018.

American University

Amherst College

Auburn University      

Barnard College

Baylor University

Bentley University

Boston University

Bucknell University (2)

Butler University

Carleton College

Clemson University (2)

Colorado School of Mines

Colgate University

Columbia University

Cornell University

Dartmouth College (3)

Dickinson College

Duke University (3)

Elon University (3)

Emerson College

Emory University (4)

Fairfield University

Franklin & Marshall College

Geneva College

Georgetown University

Georgia Institute of Technology (3)

Hofstra University      

Indiana University at Bloomington


Johns Hopkins University

Kenyon College

Lehigh University

Loyola University Maryland (2)

Lynchburg College

McDaniel College

Millersville University of Pennsylvania

New York University

Northeastern University (2)

Northwestern University (4)

Pennsylvania State University (5)

Radford University

Randolph-Macon College

Reed College

Rhodes College (3)

Rice University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Stanford University

Syracuse University (3)

Texas A&M University

Texas Christian University

The George Washington University

The Ohio State University

The University of Alabama

The University of Tampa

The University of Texas, Austin

Towson University (2)

Tufts University (2)


Tulane University

United States Military Academy - Army

United States Naval Academy (5)

United States Naval Academy Prep School (2)

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles (2)

University of Delaware (2)

University of Florida (2)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (3)

University of Maryland, College Park (7)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2)

University of Miami

University of Michigan (7)

University of Pennsylvania (2)

University of Rhode Island

University of Richmond

University of Utah      

University of Virginia (2)

Vanderbilt University (2)

Villanova University (2)

Virginia Tech (8)

Wake Forest University (2)

Washington and Lee University (3)

Washington College

Washington University in St. Louis (2)

Webb Institute

Yale University (3)

York College of Pennsylvania