Wayne Hudson - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Wayne Hudson

Wayne Hudson has been McDonogh’s Percussion Specialist and a faculty member for the past 38 years. Before coming to McDonogh, the Baltimore-born, Peabody-trained musician spent his time honing his skills while touring the world with the likes of Chubby Checker, Joni James, Frankie Avalon, and Al Martino. But after eight years of touring, Wayne says he got tired of living out of a suitcase and settled in his hometown. Given his talent, he was snapped up by the local music scene.

In 1975, another McDonogh music icon, Marsh Anders, asked him to come to the school and “teach a few music lessons.” Eventually, a few percussion lessons became the Lower School Drum Corps-- which has been the pride and joy of students for generations.

But, he didn’t stop there. He formed percussion ensembles in the Middle School, as well as for the Upper School Concert and Jazz Bands. All of these groups take part in the annual Night of Percussion, a very popular performance which inevitably culminates with Mr. Hudson playing the washboard as Upper School students back him up.

For 38 years, Wayne has earned the respect of faculty, students, and their parents.

While you may think you know a lot about Wayne, you may not know that he has an alter-ego: Wichita Wayne. As Wichita Wayne he travels the country participating in competitions known as Cowboy Shoots-- target shooting competitions using only vintage or replicas of firearms from the 1800’s or earlier.

Wayne is looking forward to spending his winters in Arizona and of course, partaking in Cowboy Shoots.

In a 2001 McDonogh Magazine story Wayne said, “I enjoy my work here because I’m teaching in my profession. I hope to be here until it’s time to retire or they put me six feet down.”  Luckily, it is the former rather than the latter!