Virginia Olcerst - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Virginia Olcerst

I can't fully express how grateful I am to have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Olcerst for the past decade. She has been an extraordinary administrative assistant to the headmaster, a person who is selfless, kind, giving, diligent, thoughtful, enthusiastic, joyful, humorous, discreet, and ethical. Most of all, she likes to laugh and have fun. She's calmly guided two headmasters with grace. As Bo Dixon, my predecessor, told me when I started at McDonogh, Virginia is a superstar. How true!

I marvel at Virginia's ability to multi-task and complete a myriad of projects while total chaos reigns in her office. A typical day in the life of Virginia Olcerst: a multitude of visitors continually popping into her office, the phone ringing incessantly, and dozens of students hunting for candy and pretzels. Then she has to deal with me all day long. No easy task! Yet, it is a testament to her patience that she always gets her work completed, handles all of the distractions with a smile, and treats people with the utmost respect. She is indeed a superstar.

As one trustee said, "Virginia is a mission keeper. In so many ways, she embodies all that is good about McDonogh." I couldn't agree more.

I admire Virginia for many things, but most of all for her strength and resilience. After her beloved husband, Bob, died suddenly of a heart attack, Virginia worked fulltime while raising her three children, all of whom graduated from McDonogh, to be amazing adults. This summer, Virginia will be moving to Cape Cod to be near her family. Hopefully, she will have more time to knit beautiful clothing and craft gorgeous quilts.

Virginia, thank you for being such an amazing administrative assistant, and an even better person. You have been a mainstay at McDonogh for 18 years, and we are going to miss you dearly.