Ted Scocos - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Ted Scocos

One of McDonogh’s greatest assets is its faculty. Some faculty come and go, and some stay for most of their careers.  Those who stay often establish themselves as “icons” in McDonogh life.

Middle school social studies teacher Mr. Ted Scocos is, without a doubt, one of these icons.

Mr. Scocos’ initial gruff and demonstrative voice can be a bit intimidating to those who meet him for the first time.  But when you get to know the real Mr. Scocos, you quickly learn that he is a large, compassionate, and understanding teacher, coach, and friend.

The self-proclaimed “Pharaoh” fondly refers to his students as with various terms of endearment.  Rising eighth-graders look forward to learning in the kingdom of the Pharoah. And what a strange and wonderful kingdom it is! All over his classroom walls are cartoon bunny posters with inspirational life sayings.  And, as those who have been in Mr. Scocos’s class know, as the nose starts growing on the board, a test is on the way.  

Mr. Scocos has an uncanny way of reaching students and bringing out their best. Have any of you played a game of Geography Battle?  If so, you most likely played it in Mr. Scocos’ room.  This pseudo-competitive game motivates students to learn the facts of world geography, a personal favorite for Mr. Scocos.  Next January it will be an interesting day when a different teacher steps to the podium to emcee the annual Middle School Geography Bee.  

Mr. Scocos has held many roles since he started at McDonogh in 1981. As Coach Scocos, he has worked with all levels of girls soccer players. In fact, he was varsity head coach for a number of years, and he started a girls winter soccer team. He has also coached boys and girls basketball and jv boys golf.

For six years, he served as the middle school dean. He was chair of the middle school social studies department too. Plus, he worked as the financial manager of McDonogh’s summer programs and as an assistant to the Athletic Director in charge of scheduling all athletic contests.  

You may not know that Mr. Scocos was a college lacrosse referee for years. In 2007, he received an award for his officiating. And years before, Mr. Scocos was a standout goalie for Towson University’s lacrosse team.

These days, his favorite leisure activity is golf.

Over the last 30 years and in many different roles, Mr. Scocos has been a constant as a Middle School social studies teacher.  The Pharoah will always rule. Mr. Scocos, you will be missed.