Sharon Howell - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Sharon Howell

During the 30 years that Sharon Howell has been associated with McDonogh School, she has worn many proverbial hats. The fact that she has worn each one so successfully is a tribute to her many talents and abilities.

A mother’s hat was the first one Sharon wore here when she enrolled her two young daughters in 1988. Two years later, she added a teacher’s hat as she joined her children at McDonogh and began instructing second graders. From beneath that hat she revealed an inspiring teacher with a particular strength in relating to children of all abilities and backgrounds. Her teacher’s hat is the most striking of all, and Sharon has worn it well for 28 years.

During this time, Sharon taught second, third, and fourth graders and served as the Lower School math specialist. She added to her collection of hats by donning one for being a campus parent, another for her work in the admissions office, and more in her roles as an advisor to affinity groups such as D4M, the GSA, and the BAC (now Sankofa). Still eager to make a broader impact on the school, Sharon acquired yet another hat as the Director of Diversity and facilitator of Multicultural Night for several years. She added one more hat when she founded a chapter of SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) at McDonogh.

Sharon’s roles here have been significant ones. She has worked tirelessly to help make McDonogh a safer and more supportive home for all its family members. In the midst of all this important and memorable work, however, we should not overlook the fact that Sharon is fun and funny. She laughs readily - often at herself. On any given day, she might break into song or dance and provoke her students into hysterics. Perhaps, partially hidden behind her many other hats, is a jester’s cap.

Thank you, Sharon, for decades of dedication to the growth and well-being of everyone in this community. Our hats are off to you.