Pat White - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Pat White

There is not a candy jar large enough in this world to capture the heart and soul of Pat White. No, not even the famous dish that has sat atop her desk in the college counseling office for as long as she’s been there.

Known as “Miss Pat” to everyone, she has single-handedly greeted and worked with thousands of students, teachers, and college admissions reps from Maryland, to California, and from around the world. True, the ever-plentiful goodies that sit on Ms. Pat’s desk in the college counseling office might bring student or teacher with a sweet tooth in, but it’s most certainly her kindness, generosity of spirit, and her ability to exercise grace under enormous pressure that keeps everyone coming back.

Since joining McDonogh in 1975 to take on the route for Bus #10, Miss Pat has graced many corners of the school including the Admissions Office, McDonogh’s technology department, and, of course, her home for the last thirteen years, College Counseling. “When word got around that Miss Pat would be retiring at the end of the year,” says Alice Margraff,  “not only were the McD college counselors sad, but also all of our colleagues who heard the news could not believe she was leaving.  She is truly the one who runs the College Counseling Office.”   

Miss Pat has been more than one of the school’s backbones; she has also been a trusted friend to many. Her good friend and former colleague, Patti Thomas, remarks on Ms. Pat’s intense “loyalty, sense of humor” and how she is a “wonderful Mom and Grandmom, and a super friend. . . . She has the patience of a saint.  We get together for dinner from time to time and can laugh about such silly things.  And when it’s time for some serious conversation, there she is, offering support and a shoulder to cry on.  Isn’t that what friendship is?”

Not surprisingly, this remarkable woman with a royal heart was swept off her feet a few years ago by her Prince Charming. And in just a few more months, Miss Pat and her beloved Jack will begin a new chapter in their lives just a few miles from McDonogh in their brand-new home where she will undoubtedly share her enormous heart with him, their children and grandchildren.

Miss Pat, we can hardly imagine life “on the hill” without you here every day. Not after 35 years of your loving care. No one can replace you, but we are sure that you will never be a stranger around these parts. There will be plenty of hugs awaiting you.

Thank you, Miss Pat, for everything. We wish you every happiness in your retirement.