Patrice Preston - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Patrice Preston

A “go-to” person is a member of a team or organization who is respected and admired for being dependable, hard-working, committed, and never saying, “No.” Since she arrived on campus in the fall of 1978, Patrice Preston has been McDonogh’s “go-to” person. Patrice has never sought the spotlight, but her love for the school and her devotion to students has put her in that spotlight more than once. She has never said, “No.”

Patrice’s first-ever job in education was as a reading teacher in our Middle School. Her dedication to meeting the needs of every student was evident right from the start and has been at the heart of her work ever since. Eight years later, Patrice became the Assistant Head of Middle School and was instrumental in helping to develop the advisory program. In 1992, McDonogh called on its “go-to” person once again, and Patrice consented to serve as the interim Head of Middle School during a time of great school-wide transition.

The following year, Patrice moved to the third grade and began seven years of successful teaching. Along the way, she chaired the Steering Committee for the AIMS Ten-Year Evaluation of the Lower School.

In June 2000, the entire fourth grade team left! Patrice became the “go-to” person yet again. She moved to fourth grade, learned its curriculum, and mentored three new teammates.

For the next 14 years, Patrice taught with characteristic insight and devotion. Six years ago, McDonogh went to its “go-to” person again, and Patrice agreed to co-chair the Steering Committee for the 2013 AIMS Evaluation. For her incredible, school-wide contributions, Patrice was awarded the Rollins-Luetkemeyer Teaching Chair in 2004.

Patrice has spent the last two years as an Associate Teacher in kindergarten and then in prefirst. It is fortunate that Patrice has had the experience of working with very young children, because her next assignment is as a “go-to” grandmother to a baby boy due in June.  Patrice, we thank you for 38 years of steadfast devotion to your students and faithful service to McDonogh School.