Mike Robertson - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson’s career at McDonogh School is an example of both skill and versatility beginning in the early ‘60s. He started in seventh grade and graduated with the Class of 1969 as one of the most accomplished riders in the school’s history, and one of the few juniors ever to be a Captain in McDonogh’s Cavalry.

Several years after graduating from college he returned to McDonogh as the Director of the Riding Program and operation sorely in need of some help.  Mike taught, coached and managed the Riding Hall and as a result restored the program’s stellar reputation. He built a strong sense of collegiality with his teams, one of which still meets regularly many years later.

But, Mike was not just about riding. In 1983, then Headmaster Bill Mules introduced Mr. Robertson to some donated computers and asked him to “do something with them.”  That was the start of computing at McDonogh School.  Mike designed and built the entire administrative computing system including accounting, development, registration, and scheduling. He implemented word processing at a time when there were no personal computers.  Over the years he expanded and grew the systems and adopted new technologies such as “personal computers” which he incorporated into all aspects of school life. The breadth of today’s computer systems and support here at McDonogh’s were built by Mike “doing something with” this new technology. 

As a colleague Mike is not only patient when it comes to helping his fellow faculty members use the ever-changing technology, but he is adept at assessing a situation and giving rational advice.

After 35 years of service it’s hard to say good-bye to Mike Robertson, but he will always be an integral part of McDonogh’s history.