Marie-Helene Field - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Marie-Helene Field

If there is a language you would like to learn, chances are that Marie-Hélène Field can teach you. Madame Field came to McDonogh in 1995 to teach French and German in the Lower School, but before long, she was teaching these languages in both the Lower and Middle Schools. Along with the Middle School job came the task of chaperoning the seventh grade camping trip. Darren Ford and former Department Chair Lynn Offutt chuckle about camping definitely NOT being one of Marie-Hélène’s favorite activities. While she never showed her dislike of sleeping outdoors to the students, each night after the campfire, she somehow always managed to find an air mattress when everyone else retired to tents and sleeping bags!

Marie-Hélène joined the Upper School in 2007 to teach German, and soon added Spanish, Latin, and French. No matter the language, her students appreciate her warm and caring nature and fondly remember their time in her classroom. Former Department Chair Mara Daniel describes her as a dream, not only for her flexibility in being willing to teach whichever language was needed, but also for being among the first to volunteer for an Open House or to drive a minibus on a field trip. Likewise, her colleagues know they can go to her for anything and she will always help. Once when asked what she liked most about teaching in the Upper School, Marie-Hélène gleefully shouted, “No camping!”

Beyond the classroom, she has enriched her students’ lives through clubs, field trips, and exchanges in Germany, France, and Spain. Marie-Helene labors with intense fervor to make each experience perfect. And her ultra-conscientiousness and precise attention to detail have ensured that every trip is meticulously planned.

In retirement, Marie-Hélène, her husband, Tom, and her mother are moving to her native France where they will enjoy the mild climate and delightful cuisine of the southwestern region. Marie-Hélène, we wish you many happy, healthy years ahead. Merci beaucoup, Madame.