Lynn Offutt - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Lynn Offutt

Lynn Offutt, affectionately known as Madam O., can often be overheard saying, “The reason our Middle School is so strong is the faculty’s love for the children of Middle School age.” Madam O. exemplifies this statement. Her work at McDonogh over the last 29 years as a French teacher as well as a Middle School advisor and leader of the World Languages Department, has been a labor of love for children.

Madam Offutt works passionately to enhance, promote, and preserve French at McDonogh. She has chaperoned Upper and Middle School trips to France and Quebec with the goal of creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students who will then grow that experience into their own love of language.

Madam Offutt’s devotion to language extends beyond French. She has guided the World Languages Department as the Middle School Chair and has been instrumental to creating a strong program.

Her friend and colleague, Mara Daniel, says, “Working together as department heads for many years, I always admired Lynn’s precision, speed, and intelligence which contributed to many positive changes in the way world languages are taught at McDonogh. She was always ahead-of-the-curve technology-wise and is a patient mentor.”

Lynn has many interests outside of the classroom. She lends her beautiful singing voice to choirs, is a member of the Middle School Finney Running Club--even on the coldest of days, is a loyal supporter of her brother, a proud mother of two McDonogh graduates, and a loving, doting grandmother.

Please join me in thanking Madam O. for 29 years of love and devotion.