Ken Waller - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Ken Waller

Arriving at McDonogh in 1954, at the age of seven, Kennedy Waller, Class of 1965, spent twelve years traversing our campus. As a member of the football team, basketball team, and cavalry, Ken learned a lot about himself and others. He developed relationships that influenced and guided him, many of which still stand true today.

After earning a B.A., an M.Ed. and teaching for a few years, Ken served as an assistant principal and then principal at a high school in Virginia. Coming to his senses, Ken returned to McDonogh School in 1984 as a math and science teacher. He joined the fifth grade team where he remained for the next 33 years.

A natural leader, Ken served 27 years as Math Department Chair. Since 1991, Ken has led the Math Olympiad Club, mentoring our fifth and sixth graders through successful competitions. Additionally, for more than a decade, Ken has helped students raise over $117,000 through the Math-A-Thon to support St. Jude’s Children's Research Hospital. As a result of this cumulative body of outstanding work, Ken was awarded the Rollins-Luetkemeyer Teaching Chair in 2001.

While his love of mathematics and his work as registrar showcase the strength of his left brain, the right brain was not to be outdone!  Ken has been deeply involved in the performing arts during the school year and with Young Actors Theater during the summer. He has directed dozens of plays, culminating in 2010 with the all-school production of The Wiz.

From 1987 to 1990, Ken and his wife, Wanda, also influenced hundreds of Upper School students by serving as Head House Parents.

For many years, Ken has signed off of every email by writing, ‘Have a very happy day!’. Ken, as you commence a new chapter in your life, we offer the same back to you -- times 10 raised to the 100th power!