Kit Ulgen - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Kit Ulgen

“Who’s minding the store?” That is the question we often ask when we want to know who is overseeing a situation or making sure that things are going smoothly. For the past 30 years, the answer to that question has been the same: Kit Ulgen. From the time she was hired in March 1987 until her retirement in January 2017, Kit faithfully minded McDonogh’s School Store, which was originally located in the wet sub-basement of the Allan Building. She helped move the store to its current location where she has provided books, clothing, gifts, snacks, and McDonogh-themed novelties to hundreds of students and their families.

Kit’s knowledge of the school’s history and culture was reflected in her choice of merchandise. Kit understood what her customers needed and wanted, and she sought out the highest quality products.

Whether a customized afghan or an orange-and-black headband, the perfect item was always ready and waiting. Just as important, of course, was the steady supply of dress code clothing and spirit apparel that flew off the store’s shelves.

A friend describes Kit as an honest, intelligent, and caring individual who has a tremendous work ethic and a great deal of dedication to McDonogh. Always willing to help, especially at the last minute, Kit could select and wrap the perfect gift for just about anyone in record time. Today we take a moment to thank her for always being in the right place, at the right time, with exactly the right stuff. Kit, please accept our warmest wishes for a happy retirement.