Jim Tsouvalos - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Jim Tsouvalos

When Head of Upper School Merritt Livermore announced in March that Jim Tsouvalos would be retiring in June after 35 years of service, she referred to him as a “McDonogh icon.” Jim richly deserves that designation. Humble, quiet, compassionate, and kind, Jim is a symbol of McDonogh’s character at its best.

Since coming here in 1983, Jim has extended his generous reach across all three divisions. Demonstrating his versatility, Jim was a fourth-grade homeroom teacher and a fifth-grade science teacher before assuming multiple roles in the Upper School. There, he has served as a Freshman Class Dean, the Director of Wellness, a coordinator of clubs, and a volleyball and baseball coach. Jim actually created our volleyball program, taking it from an after-school club to a competitive IAAM team sport. Jim has been an assistant coach for varsity and JV baseball for more than 20 years.

Outside of structured studies and sports, Jim partnered with the MPA to support the Holiday Bazaar, jumped in the bay with students during the Polar Bear Plunge, and supervised overnight Freshman Lock-ins in the R-L Center. He chaperoned students on two trips abroad; co-wrote a Freshman Survival Guide; and helped to organize assemblies, fairs, and various special events.

During the summers, Jim taught science at Camp Red Eagle, directed McDonogh’s Sports Camp, and joined Upper School colleagues in running a student orientation program.

Jim will tell you that he has been richly rewarded by his 35 years at McDonogh. He feels privileged to have worked with so many talented colleagues, and he is gratified by the accomplishments of the thousands of students whose paths have crossed his. His rewards pale in comparison, however, to those that McDonogh has reaped through his devoted service. Thank you, “Mr. T,” for giving so much of yourself so freely to all of us. Enjoy a happy and healthy retirement!