June Sacks - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

June Sacks

When June Sacks first came to McDonogh in 1972, Richard Nixon was about to be elected President and I was ten years old. The world has changed quite a bit in those 45 years, but, in many wonderful ways, “Miss June” has remained the same. She has been a constant in the McDonogh universe: a skilled and smiling presence behind the wheel of Bus #2; a helpful, hard-working colleague in the duplicating room and post office; and an eager volunteer in our Archives.

During the first three years of June’s career here, McDonogh was still an all-boys school. There were only 11 buses in our fleet, each covering a lot of territory. Since her morning and afternoon runs lasted three hours apiece, June had plenty of time to form strong, respectful bonds with her 70 passengers. Many years ago, while driving down a particularly narrow street, June encountered a parked car that blocked her way, preventing her from continuing her route. June asked her boys to knock on doors of nearby row houses until they found the car’s owner. The owner could not find her keys, so the boys did the only thing they could: they picked up the car and placed it on the sidewalk. “Miss June” and her boys rode on.

June has driven Bus #2 enough miles to go to the moon and halfway back. She has transported two generations of passengers, many of whom are children of previous riders. She has driven the late run, the kindergarten shuttle, hundreds of field trips, and dozens of proms. In between, June has spent 15 years serving her McDonogh family in the duplicating room and post office. We will miss her dearly, but wish her many more happy miles of travel in retirement. Thank you, June!