Jeanne Mulligan - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Jeanne Mulligan

With a career spanning four decades and teaching experience in every grade from first through seventh, Jeanne Mulligan is the epitome of an educator, and we are grateful that she brought her knowledge and experience to McDonogh in 2000.

Initially serving as our sixth-grade reading and English teacher, and later as our seventh grade English teacher, Jeanne has enriched the lives of her students, whom she affectionately refers to as ‘my kids.’ As a teacher and a sixth grade team leader, Jeanne has devoted herself to making sure “her kids” have a strong foundation in the essential skills of grammar, writing, and reading.  Students have also benefited from Jeanne’s advanced understanding of educational testing and assessment, which allowed her to readily identify those who needed supplemental support to maximize their potential.

Jeanne has always held her students to high academic and behavioral expectations, setting them up to thrive as writers, readers, orators, and citizens.  She also infused creativity and joy into learning, as evidenced in the sixth grade cross-curricular program Famous People Mingle and Munch and her recent work teaching sixth grade visual arts. For those who may not know, Jeanne is quite an artist.

In addition to teaching, Jeanne has worked tirelessly to advance McDonogh’s Diversity program. She served on the school-wide Diversity Leadership Committee and was instrumental in developing the seventh and eighth grade diversity programs. Her ability to create a safe and open space for dialogue has helped members of the Diversity Club feel more connected and better understood.   

Jeanne, as you move on to this next chapter of life, know that kindness, acceptance, awareness, and respect will be demonstrated in the writing, speaking, art, and actions of the myriad of students who learned under your tutelage.  We wish you the very best in your retirement.