John Grega - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

John Grega

John Grega arrived on campus thirty-three years ago and quickly established himself as the moral and spiritual leader of the McDonogh Family.

It didn’t take long for students, faculty, staff, parents, and graduates to realize that there was a special quality about John – that he was the kind of leader who would “make a profound difference in the lives of so many,” that he would come to school each day with a twinkle in his eye, an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm, and a desire to uplift the community and remind us each day of John McDonogh’s hope for us all to do “the greatest possible amount of good.”

In fact, John Grega has lived John McDonogh’s mission in whatever capacity he has served. Mr. Grega has worn many hats on campus: Director of Character, Service, and Religious Studies, teacher of world religions, and eclectic electives from mythology to political philosophy to baseball literature (my favorite!) to organizer of so many meaningful community service projects, to spiritual leader when the community faced hardship and tragedy.

Over the years, I can’t imagine how many sandwiches John has made for the needy, boxes he has carried for the Holiday Projects, services he has conducted, hours he has spent organizing the holiday assemblies, bad jokes has crafted, and middle schoolers he has had to tell to tuck in their shirts, but believe me, it’s been countless!

As Noreen Lidston, our Lower School Head, said about John, “He is a man who makes and honors commitments and has a value system infused in everything he does….He is a role model for strength of character and integrity.” One has only to see John conducting a lower school chapel service to realize that he is not only an amazing storyteller – spinning tales of heroes and villains, love and honor, commitment and spirituality, to realize the profound impact he has made on so many throughout the years.

The joy he has brought to us has been the most amazing gift of all – a simple gift yet one that lies at the very heart of this great school and in the heart of John.

Mr. Grega, thank you for all that you have done for us – you have given so much and our admiration and gratitude for your years of amazing service have made all of us better, stronger, and wiser.