Jersey Frederick - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Jersey Frederick

Jersey began her career in the Kiplinger Library in 1996. Hired to help bring computer technology to McDonogh, she transformed the quiet, traditional library into a bustling hub for reading, research, and relaxation. A former colleague remembers Jersey as “coming fresh from the business world, ready to take charge with enthusiasm, a sharp mind, and a strong caring instinct.”

Jersey’s first challenge was to help get email service up and running for the faculty. Although some were skeptical about email ever gaining wide popularity, Jersey totally embraced this new mode of communication for the school. In fact, she had one of the first two McDonogh email addresses!

Her second challenge was to locate appropriate resources on the internet and bring reliable databases to the school. Under Jersey’s leadership, the Kiplinger Library has evolved into an attractive, 21st century learning space and a welcoming destination for students. Jersey has developed a wonderful rapport with upper schoolers who feel drawn to the library, where they know they will always find a listening ear. Alums return regularly as well, eager to visit and chat.

In addition to her work in the library, Jersey has been an advisor for several student clubs, including the Website Club, formed by our current Chief Information Officer Jack Hardcastle when he was a student.

She has served as a freshman advisor and co-wrote the Freshman Survival Guide. She has also been an advisor for the award-winning Legacy. She has helped to plan and chaperone proms and ski trips, happily going where others fear to tread. Jersey has also been a treasured colleague for many.

In retirement, Jersey hopes to spend unhurried time with her husband, three sons, and two dogs. Thank you, Jersey, for all you have done for McDonogh. Your legacy will continue!