Ed Musil - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Ed Musil

In life, being reliable will take you far--people like dependable people. When you are a bus driver, reliability is especially important. For 26 years, Ed Musil has been that person, transporting students to and from school in a safe and caring manner. As one parent calculated, Mr. Ed has picked-up and safely dropped off their son more than 4,000 times!

Ed Musil began his career serving our country as a member of the US Air Force. When he returned to Baltimore in 1956 he put on a different uniform, that of a Baltimore County Police Officer, where his first job was a motorcycle cop.

When Mr. Ed retired from the County Police, he wanted to continue interacting with people – especially young people – so he took a job as a bus driver for McDonogh. Throughout his career behind the wheel of Bus #21, Ed earned a reputation for being thoughtful and very caring, and parents relied on him.

In retirement, Mr. Ed, the man who began his career on airplanes, moved to motorcycles, cars and then school buses, plans to spend time on his boat–crabbing.